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“Why Is Our Company Internet So Slow?”
Five Reasons You’re Waiting for Websites.

In case you have not been paying attention, a very common question is being repeated by small businesses with respect to Network Performance. Essentially, the question is, “We should have plenty of bandwidth. I cannot understand why the Internet is so slow?!”
The answer to this question is usually not obvious but contributing factors include, the type of connection, the content being accessed, the required applications and the number of simultaneous users tapping that same connection, background Internet usage and access to wireless for both employees and guests of the business. Below I discuss some of the possible reasons for slow business internet, check back for my next Blog discussing some solutions to these issues. Or just contact me .

Here are the top five factors to consider when you are suffering from slow Internet:

Does my organization do anything to limit content or do the users have free reign to go wherever they want on the Internet?
It is surprising that many businesses do next to nothing with content filtering on their Internet connection. A half dozen users on Facebook and Pandora can really impact performance as the firewall has to deal with multiple requests and this can bog down a network.

What applications are using up our download and upload Internet Capacity?
More and more businesses are using Cloud for line of business applications and are also shifting to Hosted VoIP. This type of usage taxes the network and has to be factored when considering how much bandwidth to buy.

Have prioritization settings been analyzed and adjusted on the firewall?
When multiple people use a single connection, more devices consume the finite bandwidth of the connection and each device gets less of the available bandwidth. Quality of Service (QoS) settings on the firewall enable prioritization of available bandwidth by device or application.

Does my organization have a limit on the number of sessions allowed at once?
Many social media sites send background messages or ads that the user does not even see (referred to as sessions). Enough of these sessions occurring simultaneously on a business network will create slowness in an environment even when there is still available bandwidth because the firewall has limits on how many consecutive sessions it can process.

Is my organization’s free WiFi for guest actually costing us?
Company wireless access for employees and guests is a convenient privilege but the impact on the network is very difficult to predict. There are often times that multiple devices are in simultaneous use per person and that combined with, whether or not to restrict content, and really having no idea how many total devices are accessing the company Wi-Fi can be very taxing on the business bandwidth.

If you feel any of the above issues are a possibility, contact the inhouseIT Carrier Services on our Free Analysis page to discuss how we can potentially help you better optimize your Internet and data throughout your organization.