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The most trusted team in Orange County has joined the proven technology leader in Southern California.

inhouseIT has teamed up with Cal Net Technology Group.

Established in 1998, inhouseIT has grown over the years to become the premier IT solutions and services provider in Orange County for small and medium-sized business. Cal Net Technology Group, is the number one IT solutions and services provider in Los Angeles and Ventura Counties for small and medium-sized businesses. Cal Net currently employs over 120 full time individuals of which 75+ are engineers. Beyond engineers delivering traditional managed IT and unified communications services, Cal Net’s team is comprised of engineers that specialize in delivering public, private and hybrid Cloud, virtual CIO, Security, Governance & Compliance and Sharepoint Services.

The combination of inhouseIT and Cal Net Technology Group expands our level of services, increases our depth of capabilities, and provides more opportunities and solutions for our customers.

A Better Way To Buy IT. And We Can Prove It.

A lot of IT support companies will tell you they can have the resources or experts to deliver on support. But can they show you? At inhouseIT we believe in “Proof Positive”. Proof Positive means we can clearly demonstrate that we have the place, people, and process to deliver on what we say. Proof in the Place: Just walk in the door at inhouseIT and you'll immediately know you found the professional IT services firm you've been looking for. Proof in the People: Meet the people that are delivering your IT, and understand what they can do for you. Proof in the Process: Learn how we successfully support over 400 companies across Orange County. Because the more Proof you experience the more Positive you'll be choosing inhouseIT.

18 Years Of Growth And Community

In 1998, inhouseIT began providing IT support with the idea that small businesses needed responsive, friendly and affordable service. Over the years we’ve increased personnel size and expanded the depth of our technical capabilities substantially. However, inhouseIT never forgets that even though technology changes, demonstrating integrity for our clients and partners never does. While providing orange county business IT support, we hold a fundamental belief that business and community are intertwined. inhouseIT and its people are active in every aspect of community life because not only does it make for good business, it makes for good relationships.

Contact an inhouseIT professional for Orange County business IT support and you’ll understand why we say,
inhouseIT— We are Your Technology Department”.

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