Frequently Asked Questions: Why inhouseIT is ShoreTel's premier reseller?

What is inhouseIT’s experience with supporting ShoreTel systems?
The relationship between ShoreTel and inhouseIT goes back over a decade. inhouseIT has installed reliable, cost-saving ShoreTel phone systems in over 500 companies since 2003. Companies from 5 people to 5,000 have benefited from transferring their phones to VoIP.

What is inhouseIT’s experience with business network architecture?
inhouseIT started delivering Managed IT Services for companies in Orange County in 1998. The core of that support is centered on working with complex networks, regulating bandwidth, and integrating network applications. inhouseIT's extensive knowledge and experience is crucial to its success integrating VoIP systems with existing networks. If you're getting a phone system that works through the network, you better get people that understand how your network works, and how adding a phone system can affect it.

What is inhouseIT’s approach when starting a new VoIP project?
When starting with a new customer we first sit down and learn how their business works. What is important to a customer and what are their technology needs? Which phone features are needed? Next we perform a thorough Network Assessment to determine the current network's specifications and limitations. Then we can make qualified recommendations on what ShoreTel configuration will fit best with the company.

Does inhouseIT offer training for our new VoIP system?
inhouseIT offers initial training for Administrators and End-Users as part of the installation project. We also offer Free ongoing training at our monthly morning trainings held at inhouseIT. These ongoing trainings feature new information on ShoreTel upgrades and features for both Administrators and End-Users.

Is there a monthly charge for ongoing support?
Along with the initial installation project, an annual support structure is setup that is catered to the unique needs of the company and its staff. This structure is renewed and adjusted each year to ensure customized support.

Does inhouseIT offer a ShoreTel Service Desk support?
You can always get a real person to help with your questions. That means a support engineer, right here at the inhouseIT office, who is familiar with your network, is available for support.

What resources does inhouseIT have compared to other resellers?
When a ShoreTel phone system is installed from inhouseIT, our customers benefit from the extensive experience of all of inhouseIT's certified network engineers. Advanced IT service for business means we understand the entire network, not just the phone systems. In addition we are a Gold Certified ShoreTel Partner with a Net Promoter Score of 94, and a World-Class Customer Service Ranking. Our ShoreTel-Dedicated Service Desk and highly-experienced Project Engineers can handle any issue that might arise.

Can inhouseIT help us with Carrier Services as well?
Of course. As a ShoreTel customer you have access to our experienced and friendly Carrier Services department. We have relationships with most of the telephone and internet service providers and can provide expert recommendations, better support, and discounted rates for your business.

What other advantages are there to using inhouseIT for ShoreTel systems?
At inhouseIT we offer Proof Positive. Proof Positive means we can demonstrate that we have the place, people, and process to deliver on what we say. Proof Positive is more than just our principles, it’s the way we act on them. We do the right thing simply because it’s the right thing to do. Our customers get straight talk, sound advice and accountability. Because the more Proof you experience the more confident you'll be in choosing inhouseIT.

What is the first step to have inhouseIT evaluate our needs?
Just give us a call. Our friendly and knowledgeable representatives can answer any other questions you might have and would be happy to schedule a demonstration or assessment at your office. Contact us and discover "ShoreTel quality delivered by inhouseIT".

For more info on the benefits of ShoreTel for business, contact inhouseIT at (714) 824-3212.