"inhouseIT is very hands on, and dedicated to providing the best service to their clients."
"In 2007, Buchanan Street Partners purchased the ShoreTel phone system to bring efficiency within the company. ShoreTel connects our satellite offices, and allows our employees to easily stay connected when travelling. The system has proven to be user friendly, and we have never had any system issues.
Along with the satisfaction of the system itself, inhouseIT provides continuous support. inhouseIT is very hands on, and dedicated to providing the best service to their clients. The employees are very knowledgeable and solution oriented.  We are confident that if we were to have an issue with the system, the necessary steps would be taken immediately and resolved in a timely matter."

-- Assistant Vice-President, Buchanan Street Partners


"We successfully run ShoreTel in 25 locations across the globe, with over 650 employees."
"Specific Media has been an inhouseIT ShoreTel customer since 2005. The ShoreTel Platform has grown with us as we’ve expanded the ShoreTel reach to 16 locations servicing 650 employees. inhouseIT was instrumental in assuring our success with rapid and diverse expansion both nationally and internationally as we acquired and built products like Myspace, Vindico, and Xumo. The ShoreTel Platform has been our preferred platform given its feature set, simplicity, scalability, and cost benefits."
-- Director of Global IT, Specific Media


"We thought installing VoIP would be cost-prohibitive."
"Because we had multiple remote sites with out-dated, inefficient cabling, we thought installing VoIP would be cost-prohibitive. The smart people at inhouseIT found a way for us to not only use our existing cabling, but also add our remote sites to the new phone system to improve our efficiency and productivity."
-- Office Manger, Vista Cove


"With only a handful of phones we thought we were too small for VoIP."
"As an IT company we know the importance of using cutting-edge technology. We decided ShoreTel would be the best solution for us. Even with only 5 phones, inhouseIT showed us how we could still benefit from installing a ShoreTel phone system. We like it so much we even recommend it to our clients."
-- Managing Member, Premier Solutions

For more info on the benefits of ShoreTel for business, contact inhouseIT at (714) 824-3212.