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IT Consulting

With over 75 employees, inhouseIT is a small to medium-sized business just like yours. And just like yours we look to outside professional services, to bring specialized expertise for our business needs. For many of our over 400 clients in Orange County this means they trust us to guide them through the complex world of business technology. Whether it’s assessments, everyday productivity enhancements, communication systems, or strategies for future technologies, they know we have the staff to deliver in a proven, successful way.

Position Your Company For The Future.
Invest In IT Strategy Today.

Today it’s Cloud Computing. What will your technology issue be tomorrow? Chances are the staff at inhouseIT already have a good idea. That’s because we have worked with hundreds of companies over the last 16 years. inhouseIT knows nothing hurts a company more than investing in systems that don’t address their business objectives. Our staff have early access to new technologies and their combined experience and specialties allow them to design systems that support current and future demands.

Bridging The Technology Projects Gap
With Insight And Depth.

It takes a lot of smart people working together to successfully design, implement, optimize, and support technology projects for small business. You can’t expect just one person to understand how everything is going to work together nor would you want to depend on just one person to respond if things don’t go right. inhouseIT’s ability to deliver new infrastructure, migrate systems, and upgrade complete business networks with success and confidence is because we have experts in many fields consistently interacting. Everyday our Projects Team tackles complex technology goals for our clients. From VoIP phone systems to cloud migration, from server replacements to data projection and more, our team strives to complete projects within the time, budget and specifications we have developed with our clients.

Start Right. End Right.

At inhouseIT we feel that starting a relationship right goes a long way toward a successful working relationship. It is our experience that most of the reason for dissatisfaction with current systems is how they were purchased. An IT system shouldn’t just be technology for technology’s sake. Technology should help meet specific business goals and provide real business value. An inhouseIT assessment can validate that technology is meeting current goals or identify areas of weakness that require improvement. A complete assessment includes a written evaluation, client discussions and recommendations. Our assessments usually feature, review of core systems & network, systems performance monitoring, software audits, concept testing, security analysis, strategic evaluations, technical reviews, and risk management.

Designing System Infrastructure
That Fits Your Business Structure.

Every second, today’s business technology crosses many national boundaries and travels over countless networks. The average end-user relies on large corporate systems along with tiny independent app developers for their everyday business needs. How do all the countless software and hardware pieces fit together with every mouse click? At the core of every business technology is the Information System Infrastructure. All decisions about how technology supports or accomplishes business goals starts from this designed structure. Its foundation consists of core telecommunications networks, databases, data warehouses, software, hardware, and procedures managed by various specialists. inhouseIT knows establishing and maintaining such a complex infrastructure requires extensive planning and consistent implementation to handle our client’s strategic business initiatives.