VoIP Carrier Communications


At the heart of any successful business is a communications network that not only keeps employees connected, it keeps clients happy. That communication isn’t just a phone anymore. Today’s business communication is a complex network of on-premise voice, mobile integration, internet speed, network hardware and data bandwidth. Thinking about any one of these areas individually can be risky because they are all dependent on each other to work properly. At inhouseIT the Communications Team, Carrier Services Team, Network Engineers and IT Projects Team are experienced in getting your entire business communications to work together.

Your Business Is Ready For Cloud.
Is Your Bandwidth Ready?

Are you happy with the speed of your current office internet? Are you unhappy about the monthly cost? Is your current office bandwidth able to handle new cloud services? The first step before moving any application to the cloud is understanding your current internet bandwidth capabilities. inhouseIT Carrier Services provides a consultative approach to understanding your business and your current and future business requirements regarding your voice, data and internet needs. Leveraging our agency relationships with the top 30 communication service providers, we are able to address your business requirements while providing optimal pricing and performance; all while providing inhouseIT’s exceptional customer service.

Getting A Cost/Speed Analysis
Isn’t Just Important, It’s Free.

inhouseIT Carrier Services complimentary audit and analysis of your current ISP/Telco services for Southern California headquartered businesses. This no-risk analysis includes a review of your contracts and testing of your actual bandwidth. More than 75% of the time we have been able to cut our client’s monthly costs, improve their speed to the internet, and provide them better customer service in dealing with the Telco providers after this FREE Analysis. Contact our inhouseIT Carrier Services team and see what your business is missing, and sign up for a Free Cost/Speed Analysis for your business.

The Right VoIP Phone System and
The Right Consultants to Support It.

ShoreTel VoIP communications provide a platform for newer and better technology. Giving you an IP enabled system that provides productivity tools for your users and greater flexibility to manage, install and scale as needed. For businesses of any size, VoIP is a surprisingly flexible, affordable technology that offers the same, sophisticated communication tools the most cutting-edge enterprise companies use for a fraction of the cost. But a ShoreTel Unified Communication system does more than just reduce costs. It also increases productivity through services such as instant messaging, presence information, telephony, video conferencing, data sharing, call control, integrated voicemail, e-mail, SMS, fax, and even mobile integration. In addition to the improved efficiency, you will find easier centralized administration and cost savings over other systems.

Everything’s Clear. Everything’s Connected.
Everything’s Supported Locally.

inhouseIT started delivering Managed IT Services for companies in Orange County in 1998. The core of that support is centered on working with complex networks, regulating bandwidth, and integrating network applications. inhouseIT's extensive knowledge and experience is critical to its success of integrating VoIP systems with existing networks. If you're getting a phone system that works through the network, you better get people that understand how your network works, and how adding a phone system can affect it. For more information on what a ShoreTel system from inhouseIT can do for your business, contact our inhouseIT ShoreTel Team or check out inhouseIT’s microsite at www.getshoretel.com