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Where Are You On Your Cloud Migration Path?

You can’t escape the popularity and ubiquity of the Cloud. You started down this path in your personal life when you got your first personal email account with Yahoo or Google. Now your business is somewhere on this cloud migration path as well. Evaluating the possibility of moving some of its applications and data. It makes sense. Only purchase what you need, scale as you grow, no new servers to buy or maintain. However not every business will move at the same pace. Some will keep an on-premise server for applications and maybe just move email. Others will move everything to a hosted environment, including their phone services, right away.

inhouseIT developed our popular incloudIT services with flexibility in mind. Wherever you are on your cloud migration path our incloudIT migration experts can guide you to the right cloud environment for your business. Some of our client’s offices are 90% cloud services already, while others are taking one cloud step at a time. Our migration experts aren’t pushy. We take the time to get to know your business and it’s unique needs and goals. Only then can we work together to develop a cloud migration path that will get your business where it needs to be today and into the future.

Contact an incloudIT cloud migration expert for your Orange County business cloud services and you’ll understand why we say,
On-premise, on cloud. We’re everywhere. So our clients can be too.