Local Private Cloud

incloudIT: Your Local, Private Cloud.
Incredible Flexibility. Predictable Monthly Costs.

Since inhouseIT is local, it only makes sense that our cloud platform is too. incloudIT provides increased flexibility, security, and greater performance due to its local presence. A local cloud means bandwidth adjustments can be made in minutes instead of hours, and depending on your area your office may have a local high-speed fiber connection straight to incloudIT . Rapid provisioning, flexible customization, and cutting-edge security, all for a predictable fixed cost cloud platform.

Reliability You Can Count On.

With "Your Local, Private Cloud" power outages and server failures are a thing of the past. incloudIT has levels of power redundancy including multiple datacenters, diesel generators and battery backup. Server updates, purchases, and warranties are no longer your concern. incloudIT manages all this automatically without any update costs or anniversaries to remember. And because incloudIT’s cloud infrastructure is built on the latest version of Microsoft software and utilizes the newest server and network hardware architecture you always have the most cutting-edge technology available right when your business needs it. Ready for more or less? Your cloud environment can be quickly adjusted to your unique office business requirements.

Recoverability You Can Trust.

The incloudIT infrastructure is always on and is fully managed, from backups to patch management. incloudIT’s network operations team monitors the cloud infrastructure 24/7, just as they would if the infrastructure was on your premise. Should something happen to the connection, don’t worry, your cloud infrastructure is backed up and ready to use in two or more different incloudIT datacenters for complete business continuity, and complete peace of mind. Theft, fire, malware or even human error is no longer an issue that will keep you up at night. Now your most important business assets are completely safe from harm.

Security You Can Depend On.

incloudIT uses a combination of both hardware and software firewall technologies to ensure multiple levels of security. Your business data and applications are physically segmented with a unique IP address and on dedicated incloudIT servers. We use Cloud Federation service with Microsoft Office 365 so you can get a single sign-on experience within the incloudIT infrastructure, Office 365, or business environment. We can even support two-factor authentication if needed. If used with the latest Microsoft Rights Management Services, incloudIT ensures secure document usage control (view, edit, copy, forward, print, etc.) of documents, email messages and attachments contained in those messages from wherever you are working. The office, home or while traveling anywhere in the world.

A Customized Cloud Means A Customized Approach.

• incloudIT is a private cloud solution that can be tailored to your specific business needs.
• We take advantage of local data centers to enhance speed and bandwidth.
• Your cloud environment will be sized based on your current needs and your cost structure will be fixed and predictable.
• Necessary environment services can be increased or decreased based on your requirements.
• Our cloud platform is a complementary solution to Microsoft Office 365.
• We believe in a “distributed architecture”. meaning we keep the local PC desktop on the local PC desktop.
• Built to leverage the local PCs computing power so users experience the feature-rich Windows 8 desktop
• Other 3rd party “Software as a Service” solutions can integrate directly into incloudIT.
• Critical line-of-business apps that require their current physical server platform can be co-located with the incloudIT infrastructure.